Cocktail sheet

June / vine-flower liqueur with Campari1990 HUF
Aperol Spritz / Classic summery drink with Prosecco1990 HUF
B’s Secret / refreshing drink with ginger and Maraschino1990 HUF
Uptown funk /elderflower, exotic fruits and Prosecco1990 HUF
Nikita /elderflower, cucumber and Prosecco1990 HUF
Sage-side-up / Have you ever tried Sailor Jerry with sage2090 HUF
Outlandish /Bloody Mary, the way we like it2090 HUF
Black cow / A Classic from the 50’s with ice cream2190 HUF
Spencer / Spicy rum with pistachio2190 HUF
Behind the green / Midori, vanilla and fresh fruits2190 HUF
Bongusta / Lichi and exotic fruits2190 HUF
Popping Candy / Gin, Midori, very tasty2190 HUF
Violet supreme / Violet and Prosecco2190 HUF
Orange espresso Martini / Classic coffee cocktail with a twist2190 HUF
Julie 4 shot / Vodka and apricot foam- 4 shots1990 HUF
Mae 4 shot / Cachaca, mango and fruit caviar- 4 shots1990 HUF
Elder baby 4 shot / Gin and elderflower- 4 shots1990 HUF



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