Goulash consommé1650 HUF
Seasonal soup of the day1550 HUF
Up&Down Caesar salad, parmesan, bread chips – Chicken / Shrimps2450 HUF/2750 HUF
Lamb terrine with fig, cornichon and home-made bread2650 HUF
Smoked trout with egg cream and sesame2450 HUF
Ham and cheese selection2950 HUF
Fat smoked duck liver with kapia pepper jam and pearl beans3450 HUF
Angus beef tartare3450 HUF
„Ravioli” Carbonara3650 Ft
Main courses
Pike pearch fillet with cauliflower cream, fried cauliflower and marinated cauliflower4750 HUF
Chicken breast supreme with pumpkin, gnocchi and apple3550 HUF
Japanese spiced fried chicken with udon noodles, coriander and peanuts4550 HUF
„Chicken paprikash” with semolina dumpling and marinated onion3250 HUF
Rosé duck breast, heart and gizzard agnelotti with stew jus and mushroom5250 HUF
Rosé duck breast with carrots, radish and peanuts5250 HUF
Pork chop with polenta, sugar pea and prune4250 HUF
Asian pork leg with coriander and pak-choy3950 HUF
Mangalica cheek with onion, mushroom and bread dumpling3850 HUF
Ragout Bolognese with home-made shell pasta and parmesan3850 HUF
Hungarian beef stew with baby vegetables and potato3550 Ft
Angus beef „Wellington” with mashed potato8150 Ft
Angus fillet mignon Budapest style7450 HUF
Shoulder of lamb with split peas, lentil and tarragon4950 HUF
Ramen – Chicken / Shrimps / Pork belly2950 Ft / 3250 Ft / 2950 HUF
Chicken „Gyros” with tortilla, Turkish yoghurt and vegetables2750 HUF
Rib-Eye burger with steak potato and coleslaw4750 HUF
Pulled pork sandwich with steak potato and coleslaw2750 HUF
Side Dishes
Mashed potato750 HUF
Fried semolina dumpling750 HUF
Warm lentil salad750 HUF
Steak potatoes750 HUF
Fried bread dumpling750 HUF
Chocolate soufflé with ginger sour cherry sorbet1950 HUF
Pecan cake with salted caramel and tangerine sorbet1650 HUF
Cheese plate1950 HUF
Daily dessert1650 HUF

We charge a 12% service fee after the sum total of the invoice.
Please inform your waiter about your food allergies and sensitivities previously!



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