Goulash soup2250 Ft
Watermelon juice, cucumber, tomato1850 Ft
Seasonal soup of the day1800 Ft


Lettuce hearts salad, mango, radish, ginger – Chicken / Prawns1950 Ft/2200 Ft
Dips (eggplant cream, hummus, harissa)1950 Ft
Fried goat cheese, zucchini, beetroot1950 Ft
Duck liver, mango, peanut, chili2750 Ft
French beef tartare3150 Ft


Main courses
Hungarian dumplings with eggs, lettuce hearts, black sesame2250 Ft
Cod fish, baby spinach, quail eggs, black garlic3450 Ft
Green pea risotto, argentinian prawn, sugar pea3450 Ft
Supreme chicken, sweet potato, carrot, blackberry3750 Ft
Fried chicken drumpstick, potato, parsley, cucumber3500 Ft
Home-made duck sausage, potato espuma, pear mustard, tarragon4200 Ft
Mangalica tendeloin, parsnip, mushroom, pistachio4500 Ft
Duck breast, red cabbage, sour cherry, duck greaves4950 Ft
Omaha rumpsteak Budapest style6200 Ft


White chocolate mousse, sorrel, rasberry1950 Ft
Gundel pancake, marshmallow1850 Ft
Cheese selection, heather honey2400 Ft
Daily dessert1800 Ft

We charge a 12% service fee after the sum total of the invoice.
Please inform your waiter about your food allergies and sensitivities previously!



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